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In the beginning was the press fastener – an invention by Hans Prym in the year 1903 that has since become a worldwide standard. Breathing new life into Prym, a company steeped in tradition, the press fastener also proved a breeding-ground for the end consumer-oriented Prym Consumer business unit. Today, Prym Consumer is the specialist in creative design with success guarantee. Long gone are the days when sewing and needlework articles were mere instruments for traditional sewing and darning. Sewing, knitting and other creative pursuits are now an expression of our personality.

Thus, beginners and professionals alike rely on our extensive range of quality products for needlecraft and fashion. Our brands – Prym, Gold-Zack, 555 and Newey – have made us global leaders in terms of variety, quality and innovative solutions. They stand for superior products promising lasting customer satisfaction. Love of detail, high-quality materials and intelligent concepts are the fabric we use to make creative dreams come true.

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Nähkörbe Collection 2009

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 Appliqués and embroidered motifs 2009

Appliqués and embroidered motifs main catalogue 2009

The new main catalogue shows all our pretty appliqués and embroidered motifs, including a lot of new articles. You will also find Bob the Builder and Hello Kitty under the chapter Kids and Hits. › More


Precision tools for perfect knitting and crocheting

Precision tools for perfect knitting and crocheting

Prym knitting pins and crochet hooks meet the most stringent requirements at every level of production and processing. Continuous quality control, which includes the primary material, compliance with international standards and cutting-edge processing technologies enable Prym to set new standards: a wide, structured range of high-quality precision tools that noticeably guarantee success and increase confidence in your own ability and a successful end product. › More




The new prym.ergonomics range from Prym Consumer is simply ingenious. Their innovative form is a true ergonomic masterpiece, making them a stylish must for every creative mind. › More


Cases in leather look

Cases in leather look

Fancy some luxury? Then the new cases in leather look from the prym.portables series are just what you are looking for. Their masterful design finds its equal in the convenience of its compartmentalised interior. › More


Home Decor 2009

Home Decor 2009

Life can be this wonderful: With a little imagination and Easy Style from Prym Living, it is now possible to create the most stunning wellness oases that allow body and soul to chill. Two new themed worlds are the key to prettying up your everyday life: "Baby" and "Orient". › More


Prym Range Supplements 2009

Prym Range Supplements 2009

There are a couple of new products to discover in the Prym range. From kilt pins and cartridge pencil to additional item for the curtain accessories. Let us surprise you! › More

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